Class Descriptions

This class is mandatory for anyone who has never done reformer pilates before.

We start at the very beginning and will run you through the in’s and out’s of the pilates studio including car parking, class bookings, waitlists and courtesy policies.

From there we will teach you how the reformer machine works so as to keep you nice and safe during your class.  We’ll also explain the equipment that will be utilised during your workouts to make them more intense (especially as you become stronger and more flexible).

Following on from this, we will discuss the various spinal positions that are used throughout the class to protect your lower back and get the most out of your abdominal muscles.  We’ll also look at breathing patterns to make sure you don’t turn blue.

Once we’ve run through these details, we will commence a 40 minute workout and get your pilates journey started so you’ll be as addicted to pilates as we are!!!


Our reformer class utilises a reformer machine which has springs, pulleys, bars and straps. This enables us to perform hundreds of exercises in a variety of positions so that we target very specific and stabilising muscle groups.

Our 45 minute reformer class aims to target each individual muscle group in isolation, working from the abdominals and core, through to arms, glutes, legs and back. The exercises performed within the class are changed on a daily basis, placing the muscles under altering loads. This is an ideal technique for building and toning muscles and giving an all-over-body workout.

By adding spring resistance as well as light hand weights, ankle weights, bands and circles during some exercises, we will ensure you experience a total body workout.

You’ll feel a muscle burn like you’ve never experienced before!!!


So come and join us at Pilates Emporium Bardon for a great workout!