New members: Experience the Pilates Emporium Bardon studio with our special Introductory Offer of 5 classes for $50.

Our 45 minute reformer class aims to target the abdominals and core, through to arms, glutes, legs and back and will make you feel a muscle burn like you’ve never experienced before!!!

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So what does it include?

As it sounds, you do 7 pilates classes in 7 days! We also send you motivational texts daily and you’ll get a heap of support from our instructors to keep you motivated during the 7 days.

It’s a fantastic way to kick start a new exercise regime and get the body moving towards a healthier and stronger you.

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So what does it include?

  • 20 pilates classes in 4 weeks
  • Body Measurements and weigh-in so you can gauge how amazingly well you have done over the 4 week period 🙂
  • Nutrition Guide full of delicious recipes to suit a whole range of dietary requirements (including vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free) (Click banner below to download – Participants Only). 
  • Boxing class
  • Walking group
  • Goodie bags

All this, as well as a heap of support from our motivated instructors, high energy reformer classes so you’ll get an all-over-body workout leaving you physically and mentally stronger and just a really good fun time in the studio!!!

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