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Katrina Sharpe

Director – Samford

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Hello, I’m Kat! A little bit about me; Following a disc injury a few years ago, my rehabilitation program involved clinical Pilates. This is where my love for Pilates began and I decided I really wanted to be able to teach others the fine art of isolating particular muscle groups while still achieving a whole body workout (including the brain!). Pilates is for every type of body and will help you build a strong core and strengthen and lengthen your muscles. I can’t wait to welcome you into one of my classes soon 🙂



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I am married with 4 children and Pilates has kept me sane whilst our children went through their teenage years, I have been teaching Pilates for 8 years and love all forms of exercise but my passion is Pilates! I am a self confessed Pilates Nerd!  I am qualified in and teach Mat and Reformer Pilates and hold a Cert 3 in Fitness. I have taught all levels of group fitness including Circuit training and Barre. I love how Pilates complements all other exercises and how available it has become to everyone.