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I have always enjoyed being physically active and grew up in a family which loved sports such as swimming, tennis, squash, and running. Combining this with healthy nutrition (as well as the odd pack of maltesers…which I love!!!) is a must in my day-to-day life. Pilates came into my life in 2010 when I unfortunately had a knee injury which then led to a sore lower back. My physio said that pilates would be a great form of exercise for me as part of my rehab and I have never looked back…I was hooked!!! I ended up leaving the corporate world in 2013 and opened my first pilates studio in the Brisbane CBD in early 2014, then a second studio at Ashgrove in 2015. Busy times ensued, but also great opportunities for personal growth and for me to learn more about the human body, refine and modify pilates techniques and generally just have a lot of fun with some amazing instructors and clients….some of whom are still with me today!! I’ve seen first-hand how reformer pilates helps everyday people to be healthy – whether it’s mentally, physically or emotionally! It creates such a positive impact on so many of our clients when they can suddenly feel themselves standing up taller, or being able to move more freely, or without acute pain that they have been living with for many years. I am truly grateful to have this ability to help people achieve their goals and hope to be changing more and more lives in the years ahead with the Pilates Emporium studios and our amazing team of instructors.

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Hi, I’m Lizzie! My first introduction to Pilates was at age nine in my ballet school growing up. Then in 2012, when I was in my final year of full time dance training, I dislocated my hip. It took 6 months of physio appointments and clinical Pilates to get me back to a point where I could return to dance. It was then that I really fell in love and started to appreciate what Pilates could do for me.


Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, a footballer, a gym junky or an ex dancer like myself, I really feel that Pilates is the answer for so manyof us seeking better health and wellbeing.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals and show you how Pilates can benefit you on a daily basis!!



Bardon and Samford
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HI, I’m Amanda. I honestly can’t remember why I tried my first ever reformer Pilates class, but I’m sure glad I did! Even with hereditary ‘dodgy knees’ and a lower back injury, I found the low-impact nature of Pilates to be just what I needed. Along with the physical benefits, I also found that I could switch off the outside world completely and focus on myself and the exercises for the duration of the class. I love that Pilates is available to, and suitable, for all body shapes and sizes.

Then one day on the back of a bus in Vietnam, I decided to dive in and study to become an instructor, and I’m loving it! Now, I’m that person who is trying to convert everyone around me to love pilates as much as I do, because I honestly feel that everyone can benefit from it.

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Hello, I’m Kat! A little bit about me; Following a disc injury a few years ago, my rehabilitation program involved clinical Pilates. This is where my love for Pilates began and I decided I really wanted to be able to teach others the fine art of isolating particular muscle groups while still achieving a whole body workout (including the brain!). Pilates is for every type of body and will help you build a strong core and strengthen and lengthen your muscles. I can’t wait to welcome you into one of my classes soon 🙂



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I am married with 4 children and Pilates has kept me sane whilst our children went through their teenage years, I have been teaching Pilates for 8 years and love all forms of exercise but my passion is Pilates! I am a self confessed Pilates Nerd!  I am qualified in and teach Mat and Reformer Pilates and hold a Cert 3 in Fitness. I have taught all levels of group fitness including Circuit training and Barre. I love how Pilates complements all other exercises and how available it has become to everyone.

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